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Pickled Pigs Feet II


Pickled Pigs Feet II
2 pounds ginger, peeled
4 pounds pigs front feet, chopped into two to three inch pieces
1 pound pigs rear feet, chopped into two to three inch pieces
20 ounces black vinegar
21 ounces black sweetened vinegar
4 eggs
6 ounces brown sugar slabs
12 ounces white vinegar
1. Soak ginger root in cold water for about twenty minutes, then remove, cut into one inch chunks and smash each one with the side of a cleaver. And, if needed, in a very large pot, boil water and immerse pigs feet returning the water to the boil, then remove and shave any hairs remaining on the feet.
2. In a non reactive pot (i.e.: enamel), add ginger, pigs feet, and six cups of boiling water and bring water back to the boil, then add the regular unsweetened vinegar and reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer about one hour or until feet can be easily poked/pierced with a knife.
3. Add Sweetened black vinegar, cover again and simmer twenty more minutes then remove pot from the heat, cool, and then refrigerate overnight. In the morning, remove the hardened fat from the top and discard it.
4. Hard cook the eggs and remove the shells. Stir them into the pigs feet; and return this mixture to the refrigerator for four or more hours.
5. Cut brown sugar slabs into four or so pieces, remove pot from the refrigerator, add them and the white vinegar and heat until sugar is dissolved and the soup is very hot. Serve one cup of liquid and some pickled feet per person.

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