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Swimming Shrimp Dumplings

Soups and Congees

Swimming Shrimp Dumplings
1 quart soy milk
1/4 pound fresh shrimp, without shells and veins, minced fine
3 Tablespoons minced pork
1 teaspoon thin soy sauce
24 wonton skins
1 Tablespoon fresh or frozen peas
a dash of sesame oil
1 teaspoon dry-fried minced red onions (optional)
1. Simmer the milk for fifteen minutes.
2. While it is cooking, mix shrimp, pork, and soy sauce. Put a scant tablespoon of this mixture on one skin and fold as you would a wonton, wetting the edges with water before folding them. Repeat until all the dumplings are made.
3. Bring milk to the boil, add the shrimp dumplings and after they have floated to the top, remove the pan from the heat and add peas and sesame oil. Pour this milk into individual soup bowls and sprinkle each of them with a little red onions or another tasty garnish, then serve.

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