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Sweet Rice Dumplings

Dim Sum and Other Snack Foods

Sweet Rice Dumplings
1 cups glutinous rice, soaked overnight in cold water
1/2 cup red bean paste
2 Tablespoons osmanthus syrup (or cassia jam)
16 to 24 bamboo leaves, simmered for half an hour
string to tie the dumplings
1. Mix bean paste and osmathus syrup and divide it into eight parts.
2. Bend a leaf about one-third of the way up and put one tablespoon rice in that hollow, then one of the bean paste parts, then another tablespoon of rice on top of that. Fold that leaf around the rice into a pyramid shape, then use another bamboo leaf in another direction around that. Until the knack is mastered, the use of three leaves per package helps, but those familiar with the technique only use two. Then tie with string. Continue until the eight angular shaped dumplings are made and tied.
3. Drop them into a large pot of boiling water, reduce the heat so that the water is kept just under the boiling point. Cook the dumplings for an hour, turn off the heat, and allow them to cool in the pot of water for another two hours. Then serve.

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