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Mangosteen, Crab, and Pea Shoots

Fish and Seafood

Mangosteen, Crab, and Pea Shoots
1/2 pound pea or sweet potato shoots
1 Tablespoon corn or another vegetable oil
2 cloves fresh garlic, slivered
1/4 pound fresh crab meat, all bone and cartilage removed
15 mangosteen sections, from about three fresh fruits, seeds removed
1/2 cup chicken stock mixed with two tablespoons water chestnut powder
1. Blanch pea shoots, drain, immerse in ice water for one minute, and drain again.
2. Heat wok, add oil, and fry garlic for half minute, then add crab meat, stir once or twice and remove from wok.
3. Add stock, pea shoots, and the crab meat mixture and bring to the boil, stirring constantly, Remove from heat just as it starts to thicken, keep stirring as it is poured into a reheated serving bowl; then serve.

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