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Fish in Mango Sauce

Fish and Seafood

Fish in Mango Sauce
4 Tablespoons coarsely minced celery
1/2 small carrot, peeled
1/2 green apple, peeled and cored and sliced into thin strips
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 pound boneless and skinless fish fillets, sole recommended
1 teaspoon cornstarch mixed with 1 whole egg, beaten
1/2 to 1 cup sesame seeds
2 mangoes, diced and without skin when removing from the pit
1/2 can lemon soda
2 Tablespoons lemon marmalade or bottled Chinese lemon sauce
1 to 2 slices fresh or canned pineapple
1 cup vegetable oil
1. Remove strings from celery and cut into long strips. Cut carrot into same-size long strips. Blanch both for one minute in boiling water, and drain.
2. Mix apple pieces with lemon juice.
3. Cut fish into eight pieces and dip one side into the egg cornstarch mixture, then place carrot and celery strips crosswise on each of them. Drain apple pieces reserving liquid, and put these strips on the vegetables, then roll the fish tightly. Roll into the remaining cornstarch egg mixture and then into the sesame seeds, and allow to rest for ten minutes.
4. Set aside one quarter of the diced mango and put the rest of the diced mango into a blender. Add remaining lemon juice, lemon soda, marmalade, and pineapple and blend until just liquified.
5. Deep fry the fish rolls until a light golden color, do not over-fry them. Drain and set out in a circle on a serving plate. Top with reserved diced mango, and pour half of the sauce over the fish, the rest in the center where no fish is, then serve.

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