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Past Articles for Issue 8(3)

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2001 8(3) Dragon Boat Festival
2001 8(3) TOPICS INCLUDE: Kudos and cash; Persian-Jewish trading pre Marco Polo; Australian Chinese cookbook; Mango; Xiamin delicacies
2001 8(3) Sea Vegetables: An Immortality Elixir
2001 8(3) An Ancient Medicinal: Cordyceps Sinensis
2001 8(3) Mongolian Culture and Cuisine in Transition
2001 8(3) On Many Menus: In Sicily
2001 8(3) Sweet Potatoes, Yams, and the Yam Bean
2001 8(3) Vinegar: A Basic Taste
2001 8(3) TOPICS: Mushrooms, Best-selling dishes; Pickled ginger; Singaporean cookbooks; Help needed seeking a booklet

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