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Past Articles for Issue 23(4)

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Chinese Ethnic Minorities and Their Foods
Yugurs and Uygurs: Two Different Ethnic Minority Populations
Winter  201623(4)
Food as Herbs, Health, and Medicine
Astralagus is Milk Vetch
Winter  201623(4)
Food in History
Chinese Cuisine Has Central Asian Roots
Winter  201623(4)
Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods
Fruits are Very Popular: Part II
Winter  201623(4)
Lamb Revisited
Winter  201623(4)
Letters to the Editor
TOPICS INCLUDE: Religious monasteries in Mongolia; Chinese characters; Shi Jing; Information about illegal workers; Burdock; Vancouver menu exhibition; Lamb recipes; Rice cakes and potato disks
Winter  201623(4)
Personal Perspectives
Tribute to Irving Chang, A
Winter  201623(4)
Unusual Ingredients
Fish Lips, Fish Cheeks,and Fish Air Bladders
Fall  201623(4)

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