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1997 4(3) Chinese Food: Hot, Spicy, and Mexican
1998 5(1) Three Mexican Puzzles:Are Chinese Immigrants the Answer?
2000 7(1) Chinese Food in Costa Rica
2000 7(4) Venezuela's Sabor y Suerte in Chinese Food
2002 9(1) Cuba: Chinese Food and a Festival
2002 9(2) Chinese Flavors of Peru
2002 9(3) On Many Menus: In Peru
2003 10(3) Crossing El Bosque: Chinese Food in Venezuela
2007 14(3) On Menus: In Northern Mexico (at Restaurant Shanjai, and Restaurant Mandarin China, both in Chihuahua Mexico)
2008 15(2) Tijuana's Culinary Impact
2014 22(1) Chinese: South of the US Border

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