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Past Articles for Issue 9(4)

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Largest Chinese Cookbook Collection in the United States
Winter  20029(4)
Chinese Ethnic Minorities and Their Foods
Kazak Food Culture
Winter  20029(4)
Chinese Food in the USA
Dollars for Dumplings
Winter  20029(4)
Fish and Seafood
Eel Use: Ancient and Modern
Fall  20029(4)
Food as Herbs, Health, and Medicine
Herbs as Food: Hawthorn
Winter  20029(4)
Food in History
'Oriental' is Passe
Winter  20029(4)
Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods
Winter  20029(4)
Holidays and Celebrations
Chinese New Year Food Symbols
Winter  20029(4)
Letters to the Editor
TOPICS INCLUDE: White soy sauce; Why Chinese cuisine is rarely mentined; Chinese New Year; Manchurian cuisine; Chinese cake
Fall  20029(4)
Newman's News and Notes
TOPICS: Lap-Souchang vinegar; Cookbooks for the holidays; Tomato use in China; A wine talk; Herbal concerns
Fall  20029(4)
Prolific and Terrific Fu Pei Mei
Fall  20029(4)
Restauranteur Bruce Ho, Part I
Winter  20029(4)
Restaurants in Multiple Parts of the World
On Many Menus in: Chicago, Washington D.C., and Singapore
Winter  20029(4)

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