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Huang Heyu Ao Yao People in Huala Village
Wang Si Tibetan Dietary Culture
  Bai Food Specialties in Dali
  Dali Bean Curd and Steamed Cakes
  Bai Baked Tea in Huoshan Village
Cathy Ang Mongolian Foods and Beverages by Cathy Ang
Harley Spiller On The Menu: Halal Food
Jacqueline M. Newman Naxi, Descendants of the Dongba Culture
  Yi People and Their Food
  Xinjiang's Uygur Food
  Islamic Cuisine in China
  Uzbek Cuisine, Chinese Style
  Zhuang People in China
  Manchu People
  Dong: A Chinese Nationality
  Yao People
  Bouyei, Buyi, or Puyi: One People with Many Names
  Chinese Minority Weddings--Part II: Manchu, Hui, Uighur, Miao, and Tujia Peoples
  Chinese Minority Weddings--Part III: The Yi, Mongol, and Tibetan Peoples
  Chinese Minority Weddings, Part I
  Chinese Minority Weddings--Part IV: About the Buyei; Dong, and Yao People
  Bai Minority People and Their foods
  Chinese Minority Weddings--Part V: Korean, Bai, Hani, Kazakh, Li, and Dai Peoples
  Dai and Their Dishes
  Dong People and Their Foods
  Inner Mongolian Features and Foods
  Tujia: China's 7th Largest Minority
  New Year Minority Celebrations
  Hunan Cuisine: Sichuan's Piquant Cousin
  Yugurs and Uygurs: Two Different Ethnic Minority Populations
  Gelo: Minority Folk and Their Food
  Minorities, Muslims, and Halal Food
  Li: an Ethnic Minority
  Mongolian-Chinese in the US
  Qing Ming: A Tomb-Sweeping Day
  Blang: Are Bulang People
  Naxi: A Minority with Many Names
  Mosou: An Unrecognized Minority
  Miao: China's Fifth Largest Ethnic Group
  Inner and Outer Mongolia
  Hakka: Cuisine and Culture
  Tibetan Villages
  Mongolians and Their Cuisine by the editor
  Kazak Food Culture
  Dai People
  Hmong, The
Marc Cramer Mongolian Culture and Cuisine in Transition
Martha A. Weeks Kyrgyz Food Culture
  Cuisine of the Duncan (Hui) People
Wang Si Ulanqab Foods in Inner Mongolia

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