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Bai Chingshun Lisu Food in Wuding County Highlights Five Of Them
Chang, Wonona Wong Wonona's Kitchen: More on Regional Cooking
Lee, Joanne How to Order from the Menu: Regional Chinese Cooking
Newman, Jacqueline M. China's Influential Cuisines--Part II
  Henan and Its Foods
  Anhui and Zhejiang,Two Classic Culinary Provinces
  Shandong Cuisine
  Mongolia And Its Foods
  Taiwan and Its Foods
  Dongbei Delicacies: The Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning Provinces
  Taiwan's Birds Nest
  Hunan Cuisine: Sichuan's Piquant Cousin
  Henan Cuisine: China's Culinary Cradle
  Uygur: China's Fifth Largest Minority Group
  Zhejiang: A Crowded Small Province
  Wenzhou Revisited
  Sichuan: Once Spelled Szechuan
  Hani: A Mostly Mountainous Chinese Ethnic Popuation
  Chiu Chow Cuisine
  Hunan: Province and Foods
  Beef and Noodles in Taiwan
  Fujian Food
  Hunan Province: A Land of Plenty
  Dongbei is Northeastern Food
  Mongolian and Manchu Food
  Taiwan and a Popular Recipe
  Taiwan and a Popular Recipe
  Taiwan and a Popular Recipe
Salloum, Habeeb Sichuan Cuisine Has Many Hots
  Cantonese Cuisine is World Renowned
Wang Si 'She:' An Ethnic Minority Population
Xu Wu Artemisia Meals in Enshi, China

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