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Anderson, E.N. Cooking with Kublai Khan
Anusasananan, Linda Lau Hakka Roots: Finding Mine In Our Food
Chang, Irving Beilin Origin of a Chinese Recipe: Beef with Ho Fun
  Origins of a Chinese Recipe: The Story of Mo Sho Rou
  Sweet Like Honey
Gray, Michael Early Chinese Larders
Hom, Ken Food In China - Five Years After Tianamen
Kwok, D.W.Y. Chinese Palate and Its Pleasures, The
Lu Ying Sugar Figures: Drawn or Blown
Newman, Jacqueline M. Barbecued and Roasted Meat
  Turtle Means Longevity
  Han Dynasty Foods
  Shang Dynasty Foods
  Tang Dynasty: Foods and Food Behaviors
  Qian-Long: Qing Emperor and His Foods
  Song Dynasty and Its Foods
  Cakes: Early, Interesting, and Unusual
  China's Influential Cuisines--Part I
  Banquets at the Palace called Quanxi are Man-Han Banquets
  Origins of Chinese Civilization
  Shandong: Home to China's Earliest Societies, Sages, and Savory Foods
  Yuan Mei: China's Great Gastronome
  Ming Dynasty Foods and Food Behaviors
  Qing Dynasty Foods
  China's Early Agriculture
  Banquets Are Bountiful
  Numbers: More than Enumerators
  China's Grand Canal Moves Food and Folk
  Silk Road Foods, Faces, and Fancies
  Chinese in America: When They Came
  Questions About Confucius
  Early Chinese Food: Neolithic To Now
  Confucius: On Food and Eating
  Xian: An Early Chinese Capital
  Chinese Cuisine Has Central Asian Roots
  Three Asian Cuisines: Comparisons
  Chopsticks Throughout History
  Duck: Domesticated for Thousands of Years
  Chinese-American Time Line
  Early Chinese Cookbooks
  Silk Road Culinary Influences
  Wine and Foods in Many Ages
  More Chinese History
  Ah Bing and His Cherries
  Recipes: Past and Present
  China's Early Food Culture
  Yuan Dynasty Foods
  Salem Mass. and Chinese Sailors
  China's Royal Foods
  Early Chinese Food History
  Recipes Then and Now
  Cold Food and Ice in the Chinese Culinary
  'Oriental' is Passe
S-B-S and Chinese Restaurant News Chinese Food History in the 20th Century
Spiller, Harley Noodles at Chinese Pompeii
  Two Hundred Dollar Take-Out Menu: A View of Chinese History
Tang-Duffy, Diana Food and Chinese Funeral Practices
Waley-Cohen, Joanna Celebrated Cooks of China's Past
Wang Si Hangzhou Cuisine Museum: An Artistic Food and Exhibition Hybrid
  36 Traditional Specialties of Hangzhou Cuisine
Wertz, S.K. Doctrine of Five Flavors, The
Yu, Renqiu Imperial Banquets and the Emperor's Meals in Qing China
Zheng Siyang Shanxi And Its Decorative Art
Zhou Hongcheng Father Boym Illustrates a Chinese Banquet

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