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Angela Chang Vegetables: The Chinese Passion
Christina M. Doubrava Bok Choy Is Bai Cai, and part of a big Family
Irving Beilin Chang Meat Substitutes, Kitchen Knowledge
  Bamboo Shoots
  Crunchy Potatoes
  Vegetarian Practices in China, Kitchen Knowledge
  How to Use Vegetable Protein in Chinese Cooking
  Kitchen Knowledge about Winter Melon
  Vegetable Choices and Concepts
Jacqueline M. Newman Mushrooms are Magnificent
  Silk Squash
  Long Beans Are Twins
  Chinese Celery
  Sea Asparagus
  Lotus: Loved, Luscious, and Honored
  Chinese Yam
  Chinese Chestnuts
  Bitter Melon
  Chinese Pumpkin
  Algae: Chinese Tastes and Treats
  Mushrooms: Familiar and Less So--Part I
  Chinese Vegetarian Diets
  Mushrooms: Familiar and Less So--Part II
  Mushrooms: Familiar and Less So--Part III
  Chestnuts Intrigue
  Beancurd: History of an Ancient Protein Source
  Yams: Perennial Tasty Tubers
  Veggie Buds are Mustard Greens
  Bitter Melons Need Love
  Fermented Black Beans
  Water Shield
  Sea Vegetables, Part 2
  Taro: Best Not Eaten Raw
  Vegetables: Unusual in the Western World
  Chinese Olives and Their Leaves
  Sea Vegetables, Part 1
  Vegetarianism: An Update
  Mustard Greens: Plain and Perky
  Onions and Some Relatives
  Bamboo Shoots: An Update
  Bitter Melon: Not Always Loved
  Eggplant: Hated Is Now Loved
  Eggplant: Hated Is Now Loved
  Bamboo Mushrooms
  Chinese Black Mushrooms
  Chinese Mushrooms: Tree Ears
  Lotus: A Plant with many Purposes
  Sweet Potatoes, Yams, and the Yam Bean
  Sea Vegetables: An Immortality Elixir
  Paddy, Golden Needle, Pom Pom, and the Mushroom of Immortality
  Chinese Mushrooms: Tree Oysters
Leonard Newman Growing Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms
Sirina Tsai Dou Miao
Susan Asanovic Buddha's Delights
Wang Si Lotus: a favorite Vegetable in Hubei
Wonona Wong Chang Bitter Melon
  A Pure Vegetarian
Yu Weijie Arrowhead: History and Consumption

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