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Past Articles for 2007

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Anusasananan, Linda Lau A Chat with Kylie Kwong
Chinese Restaurant News Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA--2006
Coe, Andrew A Trove of Chinese Cookbooks
King, Elizabeth Chiu Moi--Miss Piggy
Koepnick, Adeline Shun P. Chuan Cai Says 'Sichuan Cuisine'
Newman, Jacqueline M. Dumplings by Vanessa
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Chinatown event; Pun-choi; Macanese eatery; Portland news; Imitation shark's fin; Dragon fruit; Dongbei eateries; Black rose dish; Kudos; Yeast balls; Haw and dragon fruit; Dried oyster pancakes; Chung Young Festival
  Shark's Fins
  Lapsang Souchong Tea
  Lotus: Loved, Luscious, and Honored
  Chopstick Origin and Usage
  Banquet Beauty is a Small Suburb (Lotus East II in Mt. Sinai NY)
  Menu Updates (for P.F. Chang's Bistro, and in San Francisco for R & G Lounge and the Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant)
  On Our Bookshelves
  On Menus: In Northern Mexico (at Restaurant Shanjai, and Restaurant Mandarin China, both in Chihuahua Mexico)
  Dong: A Chinese Nationality
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Past thirteen years; Writing food words; Chopstick ettiquette; Bamboo shoot jelly; Chinese-Japanese cookbook; Dragon fruit; Tucson Chinese; The Gifts, Favors, & Banquets book
  On Our Bookshelves
  Kylie Kwong's Cookbooks
  Hakka Food
  Fortune Cookies
  Shark Fin Cookery
  TOPICS: Table and chair use; Chinese restaurant sales; Cookbook trickery; Fried bean sprouts and fried cabbage; Kiangche cuisine; Oyster sauce
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Kudos; Subscribers; Chinese virtures; Eel use; Olive kernels; Herbal safety; Belfast cider; Chinese cookbook collection; Beijing's huge mall; Restaurant 369; Sacred Imperial ornaments; Restaurant sales; Lapsung Souchong tea
  Vietnam's Chinese Food Heritage
  Sea Asparagus
  On Menus: In Los Angeles
  Black Grass Jelly Revisited
  On Menus in Boston and San Diego
  P.F. Chang's is Growing
  TOPICS: Asian Metro Food magazine; Dragon fruit; Baozi is not jiaozi
  Dongbei Cookery and Recipe Delights
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Jellies from worms; Past issues; Smaller portions; Chinese restaurants in USA; Chinese immigrant population; Sea rats; History of Din Tai Fung; Fruits on skewers; Pun Choi dishes; Foods from Macao; Soy sauce for healing
  San Francisco's Banquet Beverage
  On Menus in Los Angeles
  On Menus in Los Angeles, Part Two
  A Tea-riffic Story of Two 'Tens'
  Chinese Yam
Spiller, Harley Silkworm Cocoons: A Dongbei Delicacy (at Golden Palace in Flushing NY)
Tang-Duffy, Diana Food and Chinese Funeral Practices
Waley-Cohen, Joanna Celebrated Cooks of China's Past
Wang, Tony Ta-Tung and Abelman, Lenny Discovering Dongbei Delicacies
Ying Fa Hung and Lin Zane Ghost Festival in Taiwan's Tainan City

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