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Wang, Tony Ta-Tung and Abelman, Lenny Discovering Dongbei Delicacies
Zheng Nan Dongbei: Food Culture and Conditions
Adeline Shun P. Koepnick Chuan Cai Says 'Sichuan Cuisine'
  Hunan Cuisine Grandma's Way
Cathy Ang Tibetan Foods and Beverages
Georgia S. Gulden Paradox of Plenty in China and Hong Kong
Habeeb Salloum Xian, Northern China's Gourmet Food
  Foods of Beijing: China's Royal Food
Harley Spiller Shanghai (Part 2)
  Shanghai (Part 1)
  Off The Menu-Taiwanese Specialities
  Off the Menu: Hong Kong & Guangzhou Specialities
  Hong Kong Revisited
  Hong Kong Since the Changeover, concluded
Helen Chen Hangzhou: A Culinary Memoir
Huiping Zuo Foodways of Northern China
  Cuisine of Northern China, The
Irving Beilin Chang Above Earth is Heaven, Below is Su Hong
Jacqueline M. Newman Sichuan's Many Flavors
  Hakka: Southern China's Guest People
  Yunnan Cuisine
  Hunan Cuisine
  Suzhou and Its American Sister City
  On the Menu: In Taiwan
  Taiwan: Seeing and Eating Gastronomic Delights
  Dongbei Cookery and Recipe Delights
  Hakka Food
  Shaoxing, A Conference and The National Sauce Culture Museum
  Shanghai: The City and its Food
  Dongbei and Other Restaurants in Shanghai; and a Museum, too
  Hangzhou Menus and Museums
  Guizhou Cuisine
  Qingdao and Its Food
  America‚Äôs Foods Came Early To China
  Yunnan: People, Places, and Culinary Pleasures, Part I
  Dali: Its Old and New Cities
  Tianjin and Its Culinary Pleasures
  Kaifeng, Capital and Culinary
  Yunnan: People, Places, and Culinary Pleasures--Part II
  Guizhou: Province, People, and Potency
  Hong Kong Food and Features
  Harbin: A Dongbei City
  Chinese Pastries: Taiwanese Style
  Fujian: The Province and Its Foods
  Tibet and Tibetan Foods
  Shanghai Cuisine
  Shanghai Cuisine Revisited
  Butter and Beauty in Tibet
  Tasting Taiwan
Jenna Ventorino Peking-style is Northern Cuisine
John and Helen Lee Fantastic Chinese Food Festival Tour, A
Ken Hom Beijing and Hong Kong Food Adventures
Marc Cramer Tibet: Crossroads of Cookery and Culture
Michael Gray I Remember Taipei
  China's Rice Economy
Roberta Krakoff Eating on the Silk Road
Rongguang Zhao Dai Pai Dongs in China
Shirley Cheng Chengdu: The Cradle of Sichuan Cuisine
Yu Weijie Stinky Foods and their Customs

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